Shipping & Returns

1. Cancellation of a transaction and return the goods by the customer.

1.1 does not return products to the store (these otherwise noted) Store serves as an intermediary for purchases abroad and with external suppliers holding inventory.

1.2 Gadgets-Car will do its utmost to help the customer with suppliers \ producers find a proper solution if the customer would be interested in returning the product.

Two. Supply products:

2.1. Supply of products will be according to the data of the product sales page.

2.2. Time delivery of products and / or services as specified on the site for any product and / or service only includes calculating business days, ie, five days a week (Sunday - Thursday) and not including Fridays / Saturdays and holidays.

2.3. Unless specifically noted, delivery of products will be performed by the manufacturers and sole responsibility to deliver the product to the customer.

2.4. Delivery of products can be made by registered mail and / or postal mail at the discretion of the manufacturer.

2.5. Gadgets-Car is not responsible for delays in supplying products as a result of events beyond their control, such as strikes or lockouts, failures in the computer or telephone systems and / or communication systems, e-mail service failures, acts of hostility and / or force majeure (war, earthquake, weather), events that will hurt the completion of the purchase process and / or fulfillment of delivery dates. In these cases, the seller is entitled to cancel the purchase, in whole or in part, and to cancel the obligation of performing the transaction.

2.6. Delivery fees specified in the proposal are final unless otherwise stated by the seller (such as billing for transport exceeded, transport high floors that cannot be performed by lift or transport requiring special personnel and / or special measures)

2.7. Delivery fees which charged the customer, include the cost of packaging, product liability and product insurance when shipping and actual shipping costs.

2.8. When coordinating supply-Car Gadgets may request the presence place and time of supply, and show your ID and / or signature on the credit card voucher as a condition for delivery.

2.9. Shipping and handling fee will be quoted in the product specification.

2.10. Delivery times are determined by the manufacturer and depend on mail services around the world, delivery time is 30-45 days products, there may be further ado not controlled by Gadgets-Car.