Conditions of Use

Terms of Use

Please read them carefully as outlined in these guidelines and purchase through the Site is subject to the conditions specified herein. MDK filing and / or registration methods sale buy one indicates that you accept the conditions contained herein. These conditions are formulated in the masculine for convenience only, but they refer, of course, women.

One. General:
1.1 Each operation action site declares that he is aware Terms and rules of participation on the site and receive them, and that he and / or anyone on its behalf any claim and / or lawsuit against the owners and / or operators and / or their representatives except for claims related to breach of obligations with the site and / or operators under these regulations. '' Action on'': any act of purchasing products and / or services offered on the site. '' Site'' Operation Action: Every surfer who do action ordering a product or participate in the auction.
1.2 Only the rules promulgated these regulations require the Company to carry out operations on the site.
1.3 Gadgets-Car reserves the right to change this Policy from time to time, but any changes will apply only to products and / or services purchased after the change.

Two. What is a site-Car Gadgets and who is behind it
2.1 Gadgets-Car is a trade website (the'' Site''). The site presents its clients a wide range of products and services from the best manufacturers and distributors (the'' Sellers'') sales marketing system all at attractive prices and special conditions.
3. Right to purchase and participate in sales methods on Gadgets-Car
3.1 may participate in any one of the methods of sale on every resident of Israel who reached the age of 18 and who has an email address on the Internet, a valid ID and a valid credit card payment support services offered on the site.
3.2 participation in prohibited Gadgets-Car employees and employees and managers sellers or their representatives.
3.3 Gadgets-Car may prevent you from participating in some sales, temporarily or permanently, this in its sole discretion and without giving advance notice.
3.4 Without limiting the foregoing, the Company may prevent you participate in some sales and submit proposals for any of the following:
3.4.1 If intentionally provided incorrect information;
3.4.2 If you committed any act or omission which harm or may harm the Company or any third parties, including customers and vendors;
3.4.3 If the credit card is blocked or restricted in any way.
4. The products presented on:
4.1 site presents a wide range of products and services (the'' products'') from the best manufacturers and marketers are using all Sales Marketing at attractive prices and special conditions.
4.2 If there is a link ('' Link'') turning on other sites, the Company assumes no responsibility for the content of those sites, the information given to them or any other details associated with them and will not be liable for any direct or indirect damage caused or could have caused to you due to use or reliance on the information services reach them via the website link trade.
4.3 Gadgets-Car offers the products for sale on the site and doing everything possible to ensure that the products displayed will be in stock. If the product turns out of stock, you will be sent an appropriate message through e-mail or by phone. In this case, the sellers reserve the right to cancel your order and your credit card will not be charged. Alternatively, sellers may offer you an alternative product of equal value to the product ordered. If you receive the proposal, details of your order will be updated again. If you decide to refuse, your order will be canceled and the seller avoids charge your credit card. Company exercised this right, you will not have any claim and / or demand her of any kind, including for winning a winning product or as expected, loss of profit, purchasing the product by a third party at a higher price.

5. Site registration
5.1 When registering one selling methods, you must enter a registration form with the following information: First name, last name, e-mail, change their password, phone, address.
5.2 By law you are not required to provide the details in the registration form and delivery depends on you only. However, if you've provided all the information requested will not be able to attend the auction and the product will not be provided to you.
5.3 Gadgets-Car undertakes to take best to keep the information nor do any use except for purposes specified in this Agreement.
5.4 to Gadgets-Car has the right to cancel your participation / winnings / purchase sale due to submission of false information, incomplete or inaccurate.
Knowingly submitting false information is a criminal offense under the law. Gadgets-Car can take legal action against those who present false information including claims for damages caused due to obstruction of the sale on the site.
5.5 Any suggestion / invitation will be absorbed into the system serial number. If a request / order is not received on company computers or received improperly and does not contain all the required information, should not be making this serial acceptance of the offer / order even if the source of the problem is that the computer company.

6. Direct sales:
6.1 All information will be selling the product and its purchase terms as provided by the seller, in any case, the seller reserves the right to remove the product from or modify the terms of sale from time to time.
6.2 Price shown selling'' Buy Now'' is uniform and does not vary from client to client.
6.3 prerequisite to effective sales order'' Buy Now'' is the approval credit card company and for which they deal.
6.4 No Gadgets-Car is responsible for booking an e-mail address of the buyer if the e-mail address provided by Buyer when registering to incorrect and / or the mailbox does not accept messages for any reason.
6.5 If your order selling'' Book Now 'approved, will be notified of the order e-mail address (the address given by the Buyer when registering) the above e-mail message, is a condition of winning the auction. Like - so you receive a message on the reservation "My orders ''. Your credit card will be charged by the seller in the amount of sale including shipping charges.

7. Supply products:
7.1 Supply products will be according to the data of the product sales page.
7.2 time delivery of products and / or services as specified on the site for any product and / or service only includes calculating business days, ie, five days a week (Sunday - Thursday) and not including Fridays / Saturdays and holidays.
7.3 Unless otherwise specified, delivery of products will be performed by the sellers and exclusive responsibility according to the data of the product sales page.
7.4 Delivery of products can be made by registered mail and / or courier service at the discretion of the Gadgets-Car and / or manufacturer
7.5 Gadgets-Car is not responsible for delays in supplying products as a result of events beyond their control, such as strikes or lockouts, failures in the computer or telephone systems and / or communication systems, e-mail service failures, acts of hostility and / or force majeure (war, earthquake , weather), events that will hurt the completion of the purchase process and / or the existence of delivery dates. In these cases, the seller is entitled to cancel the purchase, in whole or in part, and to cancel the obligation of performing the transaction.
7.6 Delivery fees specified in the proposal are final unless otherwise stated by the seller (such as billing for the unusual transport, transport higher floors can not be performed by lift or transport requiring special personnel and / or special measures.
7.7 Delivery fees which charged the customer, include the cost of packaging, product liability and product insurance when shipping and actual shipping costs.
7.8 shipping and handling fee will be quoted in the product specification.
7.9 sales final-price, fixed in advance, the purchaser will be allowed to choose self collection and to receive the product independently. In this case, the purchaser will be exempt shipping and handling fees.

8. Payment
8.1 All prices shown include VAT sales methods'' m on - unless the law explicitly stated otherwise.
8.2 submitting a proposal is approved purchase buy the product, which requires payment of the full amount offered by the bidder for the product, plus any additional fees including shipping or handling fees as specified in the details of the sale ..
8.3. Customer billing will be by Gadgets-Car and this by cash or by payment options offered on the site.